September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week #83: Water Water Water everywhere

Hey all yous peoples at home! How be you? I be good. I no take pictures for long time. Sorry. Will make pictures with machine today and send week that come. Being blessed in this area. We have 5 baptisms marked for this week and 4 more the week that comes, and another 3 for next month after a couple weddings and whatnot. I think I already explained Mario coming back to church last week, and how they were inactive when his kids reached 8 and continued. Now they are 14 and 12, and as we were teaching, all their cousins and aunts and uncles that live around the house also started listening in and most want to be baptized now! What a gold mine. Hard work paying off.

House flooded again. Happens when there is a hard rainstorm. We are moving sometime in June once the contract ends and we find a new place. We have an awesome location right now in the middle of the area near the chapel, so it will be hard to leave.
Dad asked some questions:

Do you and the mission have any plans for a going away party for Pres. Jayme? Has he said what he plans to do when he returns to the states? Is the mission responding well to his goal setting some months back? Did he have to send any missionaries home that didn't comply and didn't want to be there and work? How are the plans for building the 4 stakes the church asked for to get the temple built? How is the retention there in your mission? What differences are you seeing in your new ward where there is a good number of stake and general leaders who live in the area? How is the Seventy to work with? Have you had any interaction with him since he got back from conference?

As far as I know, no party yet. Pres. still has one more transfer. They are planning on moving to Las Vegas maybe because they have kids there. The mission responded very well. Nobody was sent home as far as I know. It kind of scared everyone into place. The 4 stakes are coming, but I think the temple will be first. Retention is around 60-70 percent I think. I am being blessed in this area with members who understand the importance of missionary work. I haven´t really interacted with the seventy all that much. He is a hyper guy, though.

Elder Amorim and I are really wanting to stay together for next transfer. We are getting along extremely well and having lots of success together. Never a dull moment. Pray for our investigators, so that they can overcome their addictions (for those that have) and that the hearts of their friends and relatives will be softened to listen to our message, too! But, as we know, faith without works is dead, so go give the missionaries in the ward a few references, too. Help teach with them and all that jazz.

Hope you are all having a great time!

Love you!

-Elder Tenney