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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Week #94: Picture Day!

Mixed Emotions? - 24 June 2011 
First off, today I remembered to bring the card reader, so lots of pix coming. Second, as a notice to all peoples who write me, please don´t keep reminding me about how much time I have left. I am very aware and would like to not be aware. Thanks. 3rd: love all you all tons!
Current Companion: Elder Eca - 20 June 2011

So,  the email finally opened up. We tried earlier and the myldsmail was down. Finally got in. So, let´s start from the beginning.

Bedroom - 29 June 2011
Elder Tenney's hammock - 29 June 2011

More of the house - 29 June 2011

Stairs in new house - 29 June 2011

Washer - 29 June 2011

New mission president came last week. Elder Eça and I saw him early on Friday because we were dropping wedding papers off at staff and he invited us to come have a morning devotional with him and the secretaries. He is very excited and animated. It was weird not seeing Pres. Jayme there.

Wedding - 28 June 2011

Wedding Decor - 28 June 2011

Friday night, the staff building caught on fire. The missionary apartment up top had a wiring problem and burned about 1/4 of the upstairs to nothing but ash. Everybody is all right, but the secretaries lost there duds. We are all donating to help them out. Nothing of the mission office was destroyed either - just their personals.

Ward Party - 01 July 2011

Pinata @ Ward Party - 01 July 2011

Afterwards, we had an activity Friday night in the ward and we got tons of references! I love when this happens! It was like a cowboy dance party thing that happened in the ward in PV before I left. There was a giant wooden pole that was there for people to climb. It's a daring test like climbing up the açai trees in the Amazon forest. I tried it out and made it to the top in my missionary stuff. Pretty good work, Elder Tenney. Thank you.
With President and Sister Klein - 04 July 2011
24 June 2011

03 July 2011

Afterwards, on Monday, there was a Manaus conference and everyone got to meet President and take pictures with him and whatnot. As it was Fourth of July, I brought my American Flag with me, and Elder Larsen from my group asked him if we could sing the National Anthem and I whipped out the flag real fast. It was quite hilarious, and Pres said "yes". So at the end we sang gloriously the Star Spangled Banner song and it was amazing.

Elder Tenney @ Indian Cemetery - 02 July 2011

Indian Cemetery - 02 July 2011

Elder Eca @ Indian Cemetery - 02 July 2011

Rotary in Brazil - 06 July 2011
Autographed? - 04 July 2011
On Tuesday, (yesterday), there was zone leader conference. A lot of changes are happening here in the mission. The one I think will affect you the most is that...


I hope you take note of the notice which I placed in the note this section that says...


Thank you. So, this is my last Wednesday email, but I´m back sending the next one off in a few days.

Visiting Elder Johnson (in yellow) 15 June 2011  

Goalie - 06 July 2011

P-Day Soccer - 06 July 2011
Elder Tenney's Feet after Soccer - 06 July 2011

We played soccer today and I was goalie for my team, again. I like it better. I´m getting pretty good at the whole dive for the ball and drop kick it low and far technique thing. It was sure fun. I will say this, though- I miss playing tennis so much!

Missionary Supplies - 01 July 2011

We are starting to get some quality references these days and we end up not having enough time in the day to go meet everyone. Elder Eça has a tendency to wander to the same places every day to do friendly visits, but I am starting to get to know the area better now and we get more done these days. Well, in all, I hope you are all having a most glorious day, and may your French toast be super tasty. Whoops, sorry.  FREEDOM toast.
Happy 21st B-Day, Elder Tenney (coming up on 15 July 2011!)

Love you all tons! I´ll start sending pix!
-Elder Tenney