September 2009 - September 2011

The Journey from Beginning to End

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week #95: I Hate Mondays

I just don´t know how it happens, but another week down. Oh wait, I was just here last Wednesday... It is so weird to have P-Day on Monday now. I´m all flustered. The week suddenly looks so long until Sunday. How are we going to manage it? Good luck. Anywho, how be all you people in the computer screen? I see you put more messages in my inbox, and for that I am happy. We got our new mission goals from pres to the zone leaders to us. Basically we are having a mass change and it involves the members a whole lot more. Stuff like having 10 people in sacrament every week and marking 6 new baptismal dates. Nothing TOO big. But still, it is a big goal. We hit the ground running thankfully and the ward here in Nova Cidade has gone to arms to help in any way possible. Our baptism for last week fell, but we re-marked for this week. If all goes well we will be baptizing straight for at least the next 3-4 weeks from what we have so far. I like areas like this. 

I feel like I have nothing to say as it's only been four days since my last email, so for now, this week we have interviews with president and ... I´M TURNING 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on earth is happening??? I still feel like I am 18!!!!! Where did all the time go???? Ok, I guess it´s not that bad. I actually forgot about it the other day until the package came... Time stands still on the mission. Thank you for all the love and wonderbars! Fun story, other day our ward mission leader came to teach with us and he starts preaching to our new investigators about baptisms for the dead. The woman suddenly got all confused and said 'how is it that you can do that? Is it really possible to save people after they are dead?' She didn´t voice this until another visit last Friday-ish. I spent 2 hours trying to explain  the how and why and all that, but she didn´t get it. Then she re-worded her question: How can you force someone into the celestial kingdom by doing this baptism? Oh.... This isn´t something that forces people, it gives them the opportunity to be baptized according to the commandment so that they can get there if they accept it on the other side. Problem: solved. Some people.... We also had a young man named Gabriel who after praying had a dream of a pillar of light/second coming and on our next visit was 100% ready to accept the baptismal invitation. That´s some experiences from the week. Hope you all are having a good time! I know I am. :) Loves and Hugs!

-Elder Tenney